We offer Fresh Free Range Chickens seasonally from July to December and offer frozen chicken from December to July (while quantities last). We cannot offer fresh chickens throughout the entire year because our Nova Scotia weather doesn’t permit free range living during our colder seasons. After December 1st we process and freeze the remainder of our flock. All of our animals are processed and packaged at a government inspected facility. We are passionate about free range living and believe even with our frozen chickens you can certainly taste the free range difference.

We had been selling seasonally at the Seaport Farmers Market in Halifax from July to December 1st on Saturdays, but with our growing family we have decided to not return to the market to give us more time at home and on the farm. We will be starting a weekly- evening delivery to the Halifax area.  Please email us if this is something you are interested in and we will update you with respect to our start date and pick up location. This is not something customers need to subscribe to every week but rather an option for having fresh Free Range Parker Farm chicken available to them within city limits, when they choose.   We also take larger orders and can accommodate special deliveries.  Our chickens are $3.50 per lb. If you would like to order please contact us.