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Our free range chickens and turkeys enjoy daily access to fresh air, sunlight, grass, and soil as they roam free in their pastures. At night, they make their way back to the barn to rest in a spacious open pen where they pick and choose where to sleep and relax. We are strong believers that you can truly taste the free range difference. 



Nestled between the rolling hills of South Rawdon and the small community of Brooklyn is our little piece of paradise. We are family owned and operated with my father being third generation and myself fourth generation continuing to run the farm on the same principles my great grandfather did “Simple, Country living, taking pride in what we do, and always doing what is best for our animals and for our farm land”. The Farm is our family’s gathering place, where on any given day you can be sure to have shared many laughs with the immediate and extended family as well as neighbouring farmers and friends.  As a family, we work hard to provide good quality food to our animals and comfortable free range living.


Our animals are raised on grains and grass we plant, grow, harvest and grind ourselves. There are no hormones or preservatives, so you know exactly what’s in your food. There is a lot of hard work involved in this process, and lots of people have argued, “it’s just not worth it”. For us, farming is not about how much money we make at the end of the day, farming is a way of life, and we care about what we eat and feed our family.

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